"Growing Our Seeds to Reach The Stars"



If you would like to support the Miracles At Tha Spot Foundation 501(c)(3) and our mission to positively affect the lives of children through our many initiatives, please click on the donate link below.


Or If your company would like to be a sponsor,

Make your check, money order or cashier’s check payable to:

Miracles At Tha Spot

Mail your donation to:  Miracles At Tha Spot, 5380 W 34th st. #186 Houston, TX 77092


We will mail your company back a thank you letter containing our EIN for your taxes & also add your company to our list of Champions.

On behalf of us, Miracles at Tha Spot Foundation & the many little kids lives that will be greatly impacted because of your help,



For any questions or comments, Contact us 

1.888.331.6116 or MiraclesAtThaSpot@aol.com